Hi, I am Diana!

Hey there! I'm Diana Nassar, a 2020 Stanford MBA and a Product Management Leader at Prime Video.

Long before (almost in the age of Game of Thrones), I was a TechWomen Fellow, a Senior Product Manager at Souq.com, a Senior Software Engineer at Aramex International, and a Youth Leader at Jordan River Foundation. I also hosted a YouTube show called "دودة كتب/Bookworm" to share my passion for media and reading with the online community.

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me reading, or exploring something new. I love new technologies, awesome products, connecting with people, languages and cultures, tatreez embroidery, cooking, strength training, and dark chocolate. I am also passionate about the Middle East (and believe I can "fix it"). I care about creating impact with technology, and empowering people with opportunities to drive change.

I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Jordan in 2012. I speak Arabic, English, un poco de español, ve birazcık Türkçe konuşabiliyorum.

I will host my own talk show one day. Until then, enjoy reading my blog posts :)

Stay in touch :)